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Meet the Alchemist

Why Alchemy? - I decided to name my business model after the ancient study of alchemy. Alchemy is widely know as the transformation or creation of something through a seemingly magical process.  I like to think that the way I work on hair is quite like creating a kind of magic of my own.


Hello! I'm Amy and I've been a hair designer for 11+ years.  I got my start in the hair business by completing a 3 year apprenticeship. I enjoy all aspects of hair design; including cutting, styling, colorwork and extensions. It's my honor to have you sit in my chair - I hope to create a relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere for you.


Although I love every aspect of hair design, I specialize in extensions.  I have numerous certifications from different companies which have helped me hone my skills. One of the things I enjoy most is helping those who are struggling with hair loss or thinning - whether it be genetic or medically induced - I would love to help you find a solution.


In my spare time I like to crochet and knit for my side business Yarnia Designs by Amy which I sell on Etsy. And I've recently acquired a lot of plants to look after - my hands never get a rest! I like to spend time with my husband and dogs and to see family whenever I can.

The Alchemist: Our Team
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